If your moving date is just around the corner, then it’s time to kick it in gear and begin preparing. Since there’s a long list of things you’ll need to get done, it’s recommended to make a checklist. It will keep you organized while helping to ensure you don’t forget anything before moving day.

1. Buy Moving Supplies

To get your things into boxes and the moving truck, you’ll need quite a few supplies. It should include

  • packing tape
  • boxes
  • moving blankets
  • packing paper
  • labels
  • markers

2. Find a Moving Company/Rent Truck

If you are relocating on your own, then find and rent a moving truck that will be big enough for all of your belongings. If you don’t want to move by yourself, then hire a moving company weeks before your actual moving date to ensure they still have enough slots for future bookings.

A moving truck will make your move as seamless as possible. You can rent or hire a moving company to use one.

3. Sell/Give Notice

A few months before you move, it’s essential to figure out what you’ll do with your current home. If you plan on selling, then get this started as soon as possible. If you are in a rental, then discuss your lease terms with your landlord and give notice that you are leaving.

4. Find New Home

Secure a new home in the area where you’re moving at least a couple of weeks before you arrive. If the house isn’t ready, then find a rental or hotel you can stay in until you can move in.

5. Rent a Storage Unit

Decide if you’ll need a storage unit to keep your belongings in until you move. It may not be necessary, but if it is, then it’s essential to secure the space around a week or two in advance.

6. Choose Specialty Moving Transportation

If you’re moving pets or your car a long distance, then specialty transportation may be necessary.

7. Book Flights/Find Driving Route

For long-distance moves where you won’t be driving, it’s best to book your flight for the day after the moving trucks are scheduled to arrive. If you’re driving, map out your route ahead of time.

If driving on your own, make sure to learn about your route to prevent getting lost along the way.

8. Sell/Donate

Go through each room and make piles of things you’ll sell, donate, or throw away. Get these out before you move to save money and time. Check out our guide to decluttering here.

9. Change Address

Changing your address can be done online in just a few minutes. You can also forward your mail through the USPS to ensure you get everything sent to your new address.

10. Pack

Pack yourself or hire packers to do the work for you. If doing the work yourself, then get started early, so you’re not rushing and can pack accordingly.

11. Finish Sale/ Walkthrough with Landlord

If you sell your home before moving, complete the paperwork before moving day (if possible). If leaving a rental, schedule the walkthrough with your landlord right before you leave when everything is out, and the house is clean.

Simplify Moving Every Time

Whether this is the first time you’ve moved or the tenth, it’s essential to make a checklist to keep yourself scheduled. It can give you peace of mind knowing everything is getting done, so you don’t miss anything.

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